A little about me...

Hello and welcome to this snapshot of my art. This website is little foray into my love for wildlife and horses. Coming from a small island (Trinidad, in the West Indies) and having lived in Java, Africa and Scotland, it’s hard not be effected by such vibrancy and beauty that surrounded me and my family. Trinidad itself is so rich with culture – music, dance, food, art and colour – so I’m happy and proud to have this influence my work. But London has been where I have lived for many years, but I am still a West Indian through and through.

I am a designer and artist, having my own boutique design studio in London (consortdesign.com), so my art influences my design, and vice versa. This can make for contrasting styles, but I love the experimentation and exploration. I love to use exotic and tropical colours in both watercolour, acrylic and tablet. If people delight in, or are uplifted by my art and design, then I feel I’ve fulfilled my life’s purpose. Let’s fill this world with beautiful art!


Dance, the West Indies, Bliss...

As an avid tango dancer and once flamenco student, my art is also influenced by the intensity, vibrancy and immersion of these captivating dances.

I encourage anyone to follow their bliss as I have done. I studied at Chelsea College of Art and Middlesex University.