A little about me...

I am a London-based artist originating from Trinidad in the West Indies. As an established graphic designer (please see Consort Design), I have finally also turned to my passion of painting and have unleashed my artwork into the public domain after many years of private painting! Combining my lifelong love of equestrianism and recent years’ polo trips to Argentina, Spain and the UK, I do not tire of depicting horses in their natural and competing habitat. My chosen subjects also include wildlife, the natural world and portraiture.


Dance, the West Indies, Bliss...

I’m an avid tango dancer and once flamenco student, so my art cannot help but be influenced by the intensity, vibrancy and immersion of these captivating dances. Proud of my culturally rich little island, I incorporate my heritage from the West Indies, Venezuela and birthplace of Java and experiences from my childhood in Africa and Scotland in my art and design – I love to use exotic and tropical colours in both watercolour, oil and the tablet.

I delight in others finding pleasure in my art and encourage anyone to follow their bliss as I have done. I studied Foundation Art and Visual Communication Design at Chelsea College of Art and Middlesex University respectively.

Botswana Lion